Data Center

Data storage in the ‘Data Center’

All data managed by “Pharma Solutions” platform regarding its customers are stored in Alter Solution’s ‘Data Center‘, the technological structure located at our provider ‘KPNQWest Italy‘.



KPNQWest Italia

Technological Pole ‘Caldera Centre’

via Caldera, 21- 20153 Milano

Room Four – Building C – Wing Piastra (1st floor)



KPNQWEST and ‘Milano Caldera Centre’ Data Center

The ‘Milano-Caldera Centre’ Data Center is the most important strategic attestation node of the national network and the internet peering, and is the center in which it is deployed the infrastructure of the Alter Solution S.r.l. “Data Center”.
Follwing you can find the Data Center key elements Data Center.



KPNQWEST:  location and architecture

lease privileged and architecture built according to international standards.
The Caldera Data Centre located in the same campus of MIX Milan, the most important interchange Italian Internet, and is easily accessible (only 5 minutes drive from the Exit of the ring road west of Milan).
Built according to the strict criteria of the European CyberCenter, KPNQwest is today among the most reliable Italian infrastructure for the services of housing / hosting / colocation.
The entire surface is covered with floating floor easily removable for wiring and maintenance, with a
capacity greater than 1,000 kg per square meter.
Below the surface are positioned Forced air ducts and air conditioning ducts needed to separate for different types of wiring.
Inside the Data Center has prepared a separate area with connections of network configuration in order to carry out work without having to go to the operating room.
The power and UPS systems are housed in a separate room from the data room and the emergency diesel engine is placed outside the building, in a separate and secure area.


KPNQWEST: security and climate control

The internal environment is fully air-conditioned, According to ETS standards with a power of 1,000 W per square meter. and guarantees a constant temperature between 19 and 23 degrees and humidity controlled between 40% and 60%.
The badge access at all entry points, on all points of entry, the active surveillance twenty four seven, together with the procedures for registration and cargo handling ensure the control of persons and materials input and output.
The masonry of all glass surfaces accessible from the outside the presence of a camera system by remote control and recording system reinforce the measures anti-intrusion.
For the detection and fire protection are active:
Per la rilevazione e protezione da incendi sono attivi:

  • VESDA system for fire detection (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm), coupled with dust and smoke detection system they detect the possible causes of fire and activates the extinguishing systems after generating an audible alarm for the protection of persons within.
  • Capillary sensors Net Work, with a sensor placed every two meters: The system is equipped with sensors coupled, placed above and below the raised floor, in order to avoid false detections
  • FM200 gas extinguishing system, with seven cylinder systems and nozzles all over the ceiling and under the floor: ability of extinction of more than 3000 cubic meters and automatic activation.

For protection from water leaks and flooding, The engine room is located on the first floor and building are totally absent conductor water.


KPNQWEST:  power supply

The power supply system offers maximum versatility and the maximum continuity of service and is composed of the following installation chain:

  • Place of Enel self-attestation to 23,000 V, dedicated, medium voltage to 23,000 V, that supports the power of the internal lines on 220V and-48V
  • Redundant processing plants, for 220V power supply and power supply-48V, required to telecommunications equipment
  • Double System 220V UPS , designed to deliver energy until the starting up of the emergency diesel generator
  • 4 battery with autonomy of 6 hours for power-48V
  • Emergency Diesel Generator with Perkins engine 1250K VA ,outside the building

All the plants are subjected to ongoing maintenance and periodic tests of perfect functionality


KPNQWEST:  caratteristiche tecnologiche



KPNQWEST: Virtualization of Servers in the ‘Data Center’

In the “Data Center” Alter Solution S.r.l all servers containing the data of the clients are managed environments ‘virtualized’, To improve and make more efficient the quality of the ‘services’ provided on the solution “Pharma Solutions.”


KPNQWEST: Map based structure