Pharma Solutions

'Pharma Solutions' software platform has been designed to meet the needs of ‘Pharmaceutical & Healthcare’ markets Companies, with particular attention to the main business processes of the ‘Sales & Marketing’ areas. ‘Pharma Solutions' pools all the CRM information pertaining to the business contacts (doctors, pharmacies, wholesalers, agencies and institutions) and gives synergy to the tools that the Company uses to communicate and interact with these targets. ‘Pharma Solutions' Enable a new vision of the business because it unifies the various operational and strategic forces that contribute to the fate of the business in a single commercial entity :

medical & sales representatives, manager area, Hospital Key Account Manager, Intermediate channel Key Account Manager, (wholesalers, associations and large-scale distribution), specialists and trainers, advertisers, promoter, product manager, sales managers and general managers.

The purpose is to promote a shared and coordinated management of the Company mission, with the opportunity of:
  • formulating strategic plans based on the available products and the human resource;
  • giving clear indications of the operational commercial objectives;
  • evaluating real-time performance and business results;
  • implementing any countermeasure and rectification action.