Alter Solution

Born in 2004 as a consulting 'Individual Business' in 'Marketing & Sales' areas of pharmaceutical companies, Alter Solution evolved in 2007 as 'Limited Liability Company' bringing together a team of qualified consultants with one mission: to create the 'Pharma Solutions' platform, made up of different software products for 'Pharma & Healthcare' markets. In 2009, increased its Members, introducing new highly technological profiles. In 2011 extended the Staff and in 2012 diversified its offices. Now, in 2014, Alter Solution's team has more than 20 employees working in 4 branches in Italy. Since its birth, Alter Solution is constantly growing.

A constantly growing Company.

When you're small you learn how to grow up.

Alter Solution's brand includes our corporate identity:

for a real alternative to the absence of Innovation and Research in Business Processes related to Software Technologies.

because we offer software solutions (advices summaries, products, projects and services,) to meet the "Sales & Marketing" needs.
And this approach produces for our customers

A Different Business.

Alter Solution is an competent, experienced and reliable partner.

Our values
  • Reliability, in compliance with the commitments guaranteed to the customer.
    Look in the same direction.
  • Empathy, attention to changing needs.
    Perceive requirements, not only requests.
  • Expertise, thanks to the experience in the market.
    Work for the best possible satisfaction.
  • Research, constantly looking to technological innovation.
    Being Innovative is the path, not the goal. .
  • Synergy, as the guiding principle of every relationship.
    Working with the customer, not for the customer.

Knowledge Capabilities & Open Innovation.

We share knowledge and learn from experiences.

Alter Solution implements IT solutions for innovation and effectiveness of the business process in 'Sales & Marketing' areas.
The Simplicity + Completeness combination gives an exceptional Usability to the software products; and the high degree of customization to the company's peculiarity generates the actual users' satisfaction. In the development step, the success is guaranteed by a mix of:
  • Business consulting
  • Software Products
  • Customization Projects
  • Support services

Target: Sales & Marketing.

Improve and innovate processes and tools of the 'Sales' area.

Alter Solution has diversified its software solutions to work successfully and effectively in the following markets:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical devices
  • Orthopedics
  • Homeopathy
  • Baby products
  • Natural Food
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • Optics & Ophtalmology
  • Dental
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Phyto
  • Beauty

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare.

Alter Solution has in-depth knowledge of business peculiarities.

Business competence
Alter Solution is an IT consulting company, with highly qualified resources on key business topics:
  • medical and scientific information and advertising;
  • sales in pharmacies, herbalist's shop and health;
  • multi-channel distribution, wholesaler and supermarket chains;
  • the hospital and institutional;
  • scientific information and sales data.
Alter Solution offers innovative business models in these areas, derived from the encounter between consulting skills and technological capabilities. In summary, business-oriented software solutions.

Exclusively business-oriented.

We strongly believe in innovation and simplicity.

Conoscenze Tecnologiche
Technological knowledge
The Life Cycle of Alter Solution's services is shaped around the following planning principles:
  • 1. Reliability
  • 2. Stability
  • 3. Modularity
  • 4. Scalability
  • 5. Versatility
  • 6. Configurability
  • 7. Usability
  • 8. Interaction
  • 9. Timing
  • 10. Adherence
Alter Solution has always referred to intuitive and touch screen features for easier operation and mobility. With a constant update on all technological news.

Information & Communications Technology.

We see ourselves as explorers in the new technological and digital world.

Software Products
Alter Solution has created the software products platform:

to satisfy the needs of the main business areas involved in the 'Sales & Marketing' business processes.
All products are integrated with each other, modular and complementary to enable customers to evolve the tools used in connection with the evolution cycle and growth of their Companies.
With full compatibility with the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android.

An integrated and modular software products platform.

The power is to hit the right target.

Alter Solution is organized into 4 business units in order to effectively manage any customer need:

4 Business Units.

The improvement should not be expected, it should be pursued.

Alter Solution identified and structured 4 operational offices
to coherently support its organizational model.
  • Consultancy office
    (Sesto San Giovanni)
  • Services office
    (Sesto San Giovanni)
  • Products and Projects office
    (Garbagnate Milanese)
  • Data Center

4 operational offices in Italy.

We do not follow the road, we create it.


Alter Solution is characterized by a staff of over 20 professionals with proven expertise and experience, which works closely with the customers' technical department representatives, both during the inicial start-up (for Consulting and Products) and during the following on-going step (for Projects and Services). Excellent technical skills combined with a dynamic and proactive approach make our team one of the key winning factors in the relationship with out customers.
In addition, Alter Solution implements internal training plans to evolve and upgrade the skills of each existing resource.


20 Expert Advisors serving customers.

Even the weaker light shines in the darkness, and points the way.


Alter Solution works in partnership with other qualified Partners with the aim of being even more effective and versatile to the needs of the customers. In relation to the Data Center and the virtualization, we chose KPNQWEST©, a Company of international importance. MICROSOFT© has always been the main reference point for the infrastructure of software development, together with XAMARIN© platform for APPLE© and ANDROID© world . Regarding Data Privacy, Alter Solution works with major law firms based in Milan, which have a strong and long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical market.

There is strength in numbers.

Difference is the beginning of synergy.